Hand lettered Signs Making a Comeback




Hand painted signage is making a comeback!  Look around you.  Look at all the signage you see in a day.  Do you really see them or are they just a blur in the background?

Prior to 1980, hand lettered signs were commonplace.  Being a sign painter was a worthy trade; a trade that would carry you through a lifetime of creative satisfaction.  A sign painter was a skilled tradesman like a plumber, electrician or carpenter.  It took time and practice to develop the necessary skills and acumen to become successful.

The digital revolution of the 1980’s brought computer-cut, digitally printed vinyl.  The demand for hand lettering skills diminished.  Paint and brush gave way to plastic and ink.  Each and every letter, perfect….every time.   In came the age of peel and stick, and the flood of computer-perfect, cookie cutter signage.   No trace of the artist, only the machine, resulting in less character, less artistry, less soul.

Fast forward to today.  The public has become aware of what has been lost.  There is a resurgence in the demand for hand lettered signage.   Each and every sign unique; as unique as the artist who paints it.  A sign made by the hands of a skilled craftsman in the time honored tradition.  In a sea of computer perfection, hand lettered signs stand out.  They are beautiful, precisely because of their imperfections; imperfections that are the hallmark of the human hand and mind working together to create; to create art, to create beauty, and to express the artist.

The next time you need a sign, stop and think about what you really want.  Don’t you want a sign that is exclusively yours; a sign that is one of a kind….just like you?

For me, I will continue to hand letter.  That is what I love to do.  It is the feel of the brush in my hand and the excitement of what it can do with my guidance,  that keeps me in this profession.  Every day is a new challenge, a new adventure….a new technique and a new customer for whom I create a unique piece of art and myself.












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